Memory Lane - My Father

My late father, Dr. Philip Simon grew up in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, attended Mount Allison University and obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1945. He then moved to Halifax to attend Dalhousie Dental School and received his doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree in 1949.

After graduation, Dr. Simon drove a mobile dental unit to the remote areas of Cape Breton Island, including the well known Cabot trail to serve the needs of the local communities. In 1950, Dr Phil opened his Dental practice on Commercial Street in Glace Bay servicing a town of 24,000 people that had few Dentists. The hours often demanding, however the small town custom of getting to know ones patients on a personal basis was his trademark.

Community work was important to Dr. Phil and he was actively involved in many organizations including; the Police Boys Club, The Masons, Rotary International, and the Cape Breton Dental Society where he served as President. He was instrumental in bringing Fluoride to the town water supply and setting up dental services in the local Seniors Home.

Dr. Phil had passion for dentistry that covered his entire career. He set the example in the Dental Community by regularly taking continuing education courses and keeping up with the latest changes in technology especially when it came to the equipment.

On a personal note, I embrace dentistry with the same enthusiasm as my father. My goal is to strive to the same core principles of dedication and perfection that my father exemplified.

Dr. Mark Simon